Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20. Freedom in Funnification

Fun Meals

Recently, I saw how one woman "funnified" her life by adding more delightful things to her daily routine. Creating more fun is something we put on the back burner because of our perceived need to focus on being responsible. The idea that the realm of fun and play belongs only to children is something many of us are taught by well meaning adults. Someone told me once to really have fun and enjoy myself (right then) because once I grew up, there wouldn't be much time for it and I'd have a lot of "responsibility." Add to that, other adults telling me they wish they could be a kid again so they could go back to playing instead of working so hard, feeling tired, frustrated, etc. I suddenly felt I had to squeeze in as much fun as possible before my time to have any ran out. Approaching adulthood looked grim.

Do you remember having a favorite food as a kid? The dishes you loved and wanted to eat every day if you could? When my guys were little, I occasionally offered to make magical combo meals, meaning they could choose all their faves to have at one sitting. That turned into some very odd meals, but created a lot of excitement, fun, and fond memories. Those meals were eagerly anticipated and became a tradition.

With busy schedules, we're often fixing whatever time allows or anything quick and easy. To add a little fun to a Monday, why not create a meal of your childhood favorites? Maybe it's pancakes for dinner or a plate of mac and cheese with mashed potatoes on the side (a kid's choice). Free yourself from the routine of making the same old standby dishes. It may not be the healthiest meal, but doing this occasionally might be fun and reconnect you with some of your old favorites.

What would you choose as the perfect dinner combination?

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