Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29. Perspective is Everything

Which End Up. Looking at my little painting experiment 4 ways
We see things the way we do. Our unique perspective is influenced by our experiences and beliefs over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes opportunities come along that allow us to look at things differently than we normally would.

The painting group I attend does a critique at the end of the session. Everyone does their own thing for a few hours (abstract work for the most part) and then one lady sets our work on easels, steps back and offers her observations. Often, she rotates the painting and it becomes a whole new work. She'll continue flipping the work until we've seen it four ways. Odd how the same piece can be so different, depending on how it's viewed. Once in a while, the "best" position turns out to be one other than the original one.

Today, while looking at something, either an actual object or a situation, see if you can flip it around somehow and view it from a different perspective. How can see something familiar in a new way?

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