Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11. Freedom from the Rabbit Hole

The Pity Party, complete with Decorations

Do you sometimes have one of those days where things seem to wrong, one after the other? You're dealing with one issue, and another pops up. Then another and soon you feel like you're juggling fireballs and wondering when the stream of unfortunate events will stop.

One evening I sat bewildered as the runaway train of dreadful thoughts came roaring through, again. That voice kept reminding me of things or events I didn't like and then proceeded to give me even more examples of other times I felt the same way (law of attraction in action). Suddenly, I felt I was at the bottom of a rabbit hole (an image from my friend Trish). I was actually in my studio at the time and saw a small inflated balloon, a candidate for a future papier mache creation, I'd left on the shelf.

With a sharpie, I added a sad face thinking it was appropriate decoration for the pity party I was about to give myself. I added several more balloons and gave them all devastated expressions.            
Party Balloon sketch

One unhappy thought led to another. At one point, growing weary of my un-fun party, I said, "What are you doing? Are you about done with this celebration? You are actually ok. How about remembering it's good to let it out. Now you can choose something else to think and feel better about." 

Stuffing emotion is a common practice many of us use to get past things that don't feel that great. That emotion is still sitting in the body and at some point, will choose to resurface and let its presence be known.

To get through this party I had arranged for myself, I did the following:
  • Identified the emotion I was feeling
  • Allowed myself to feel it
  • Remembered it's good to feel it and then let it go
  • Took 5 very deep breaths, and on the exhale, imagined red (choose your own color) smoke swirling out, releasing all that emotion with it. 
  • Felt more relaxed as freeing that emotion made me feel lighter
What can you free yourself from today?

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