Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25. Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday at the supermarket, when I finished shopping, I scanned the shortest line. The store was busy but I only saw three lines open. Stepping up to the closest one, I looked at the tins of chocolate stacked a foot high. A minute later, a cashier approached offering to take my cart over to his register. That's when I saw there were three cashiers without customers. How could I have missed them?

My brain had been racing ahead, focusing on my next errand. Not being present shut off my ability to see the options available.

I realized I'd probably missed out on lots of other opportunities because I was too busy being elsewhere. It was easy not to "see" what was available.

Today, I'll choose to slow down and really see with eyes (and mind) wide open. What will you see today that you might ordinarily overlook?

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