Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24. Color of the Day

Friday Blue
I used to play a game with my kids when they were little. As we drove to our weekly activities, I asked them to tell me what they wanted to see. My then-3 year old said, "purple tar." Minutes later, a purple car drove by and all three kids pointed it out. Quick turnaround and an almost instantaneous manifestation. They thought it was magic so we did it weekly, manifesting all kinds of interesting and unusual things.

I've had all kinds of things show up. One of my biggest surprises came right after I told myself I'd see a peacock somewhere.

I drove through a neighboring village one day and had to stop on a small side street because a peacock was crossing the road. I later found out someone nearby had one for a pet and it roamed, stunning people on its daily travels.

Today I choose to see the color blue. I know it will show up everywhere I go and I'm curious where and how. Choose a color today and be open to how many ways it will cross your path.

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