Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27. Mind Travel into Bliss

Dream State

I felt myself smiling yesterday while writing a short entry in my journal. I was remembering the details of a dream I'd had last week. I stood smack in the middle of an acre sized swimming pool with knee deep water. Umbrella covered cafe' tables were scattered throughout the pool, with people sitting and enjoying snacks. Everyone looked happy.

Just writing about it briefly made me feel the same way I did in the dream, relaxed and happy.

In listening to recorded meditations, that soothing voice asks that you close your eyes, picturing yourself in a pleasing environment. The more details you create, the more intense and "real" the experience. The mind believes your suggestions. Reliving that peaceful time recreates the original feelings of relaxation.

Meditation is one of the 5 ways of increasing happiness, according to Harvard researcher Shawn Achor. For me, this type of meditation is like journaling without the paper. It can give you a break from daily stress.

Today, take a few minutes and mind travel to a place (real, imagined or a dream). Soak in the scenery and see how you feel on your return. Where will you travel today?

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