Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3. 4 Easy Ways to Free Your Mind


The other day, I was looking at ways people calm their brains when feeling overwhelmed and chaotic. The sheer number of techniques available  almost made my head spin. Too many choices. Information overload.

I compiled a very short list of the ideas that fit my criteria. What I want most needs to be:
  • Short
  • Easy
  • Doable (just about) anywhere
My top 3 choices (plus one of my own):
  1.  Breathing.  This is my favorite one. I sit with my morning coffee and count backwards from 50 to 1, counting on the exhale. This creates a stillness within that feels very soothing. It puts me in a great place to do creative work
  2. Meditation.  I have used two ways. The open eye method- look at something nearby. Simply notice its visual qualities and breathe slowly. Do this for one or two minutes. The closed eye method-breathe slowly and in your mind, repeat a word on the inhale, exhale or both (I do a two syllable word)
  3.  Visualization. One minute, eyes closed , pick a quiet place that's appealing for a mini mind vacation. Really hear the sounds, feel the breeze, smell the scents). Another Visualization.  The top of my head opens up. My mind, which has wings, takes flight. It goes on a journey, flying across farms, over lakes and after circling the beach, comes back to me. The journey, with all its sights and sounds, provides me an opportunity for temporary distraction from stress.
  4.  Go Animal. Simply spend a few minutes with a pet...they seem to know when we need calming and are always ready for companionship. Feel your tension melt away as you appreciate your critter.

How do you free your mind?

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