Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18. Free Yourself by using the Reset Button

The Reset Button
How many times have you heard a kid say they wanted a do-over? They're telling you their new joke, demonstrating a cartwheel, or performing a magic trick when part way through, it turns out differently than expected.

We smile and wait as they prepare to do a second run, knowing this time it will turn out better. Sometimes it takes several attempts before all the kinks are worked out, but kids are persistent and will keep at it until they are happy with the end result.

Why is it that as adults we do not allow ourselves to hit the reset button and start over? The idea of a Reset Button has been around for a while and the other day when things were not coming together as I had planned, I pressed the third eye spot between my eyebrows, took a few deep breaths and let go. Just sat there for a minute and then told myself I was starting over. What a relief. It created a space and freed me to go in a new direction. Sometimes solutions come when we let go.

Maybe you've begun a new habit recently and today you slipped back into an old pattern (not exercising, eating junky snacks, postponing writing because you feel stuck, etc). Cut yourself some slack, hit your personal Reset Button and start over. Right now. Feel the freedom in allowing yourself the chance for a fresh start.


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